How To Find A Good Tax Accountant In Toronto?

How To Find A Good Tax Accountant In Toronto?

In today’s time, tax is one of the most complicated aspects of accounting. Taxation is not an easy thing to handle or understand on your own. A few have struggled, many have failed. Thus, having a professional tax specialist is essential in conducting any personal or corporate business. This is where we come into the picture. We can help you get the best help in handling your taxes.

RC Financial Group has a group of professionals specializing in taxation and accounting. We make sure that you don’t have to deal with any Tax Problems and Disputes ahead of you.

In choosing the right person to handle your taxes, you must consider these aspects:

  • Must be well-informed and knowledgeable with all the current taxation laws, locally and within your country. That’s why you should hire a Tax Specialist in Toronto (or Accountants near you).
  • Experience is a must! One has to have experience with different types of Tax Problems and Disputes. Their way of handling these issues is of utmost importance.
  • Specialization. When searching for accountants, make sure to find out if they generally carry out tasks such as preparing tax returns, if this is what you need them to do. Certain accountants may specialize e.g. in estate planning or financial forecasting. Although they may have great qualifications, they are more likely to make mistakes than a lesser qualified accountant who has prepared hundreds of tax returns.

Find best tax accountant Toronto

  • Find the best rate. Avoid choosing the wrong person just because they are cheap. Ask around for referrals, make a thorough research of accounting firms that offer the best services. Annual tax returns may be prepared by someone else but ultimately, it is you who is legally liable for any mistakes in it. Remember, you get what you pay for.
  • Extra Charges. The tax accountant may charge extra for things such as phone calls, so ensure that you are fully aware of exactly what you will be paying to avoid unpleasant surprises further down the line.
  • A good tax accountant will cost more, but you will receive more of their focus and attention. Using a cheap tax return service now, only to receive a huge amount of fines, later on, will have you lose more money than what you could’ve initially paid for a good tax accountant. If you know a friend who has used a good tax accountant in the past, ask for recommendations.
  • Do an online legitimacy check for their name and/or the company name they work for (if they are not freelance). There are so many fraudulent activities online nowadays, make sure that you are dealing with legitimate professionals/firms especially regarding these serious matters. Immediately disregard anyone who’s gotten a lot of bad reviews and complaints.
  • Do not rush into choosing a tax accountant. Take some time to question them and find out if they have the qualifications and experience that you need. Whether you are employing a tax accountant or outsourcing a freelance tax professional, it is critical to choose the right accountant for your business.

If taxes are not properly filed, then there is a huge possibility of you getting audited by CRA. CRA tax audit is a total nightmare! No one would want to face that whirlwind of a situation, at any point in their life. But if you’re currently in that situation, worry no more! Our team of Tax Dispute Experts is here to the rescue. We assure you of top-quality services to get you through this heck of a nightmare.

Here are a few reasons why you should go with RC Financial Group:

  1. Financial analysis: Identifying your actual situation on finances is the first step to make a strategy for the future of your business. Entering your financial records and preparing reports can be done by anyone but you need a licensed expert to conduct a thorough financial analysis. This financial analysis will be conducted by our Licensed Tax Accountants.
  2. Professional services: All of our Tax Specialists are licensed, Tax Accountants. Our tax professionals have years of experience handling different types of tax problems. Having someone you can totally trust and rely on these matters is very important.
  3. Tax laws: Laws keep changing over time, especially on taxes. If one is not updated on these, it could be a huge loss for you. Hence, having professionals who have up-to-date knowledge of your local and national tax laws is very essential.
  4. Audit Protection: We will assure you that you are protected from all possible threats of being audited by the CRA. Our professionals will always be there to protect and guide you all the way.

Individuals and Businesses receive letters from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) all year long for reasons such as (but not limited to): audit on a personal tax return, audit for a GST/HST Return, payroll audit, Corporate Tax Return Audit, etc. Our team of qualified accountants is always ready to help our clients resolve such complicated matters. When served with a CRA letter (may it be a big or small matter), contact our team of professional accountants to represent you and resolve your tax problems quickly and efficiently.

CRA liens, assets freeze, wage garnishments, bank account seizure are just some of the problems individuals/businesses have faced when they get into tax issues with the CRA. Our team specializes in handling complex tax and accounting matters for all our clients!

RC Financial Group is one of the most prominent accounting firms in Toronto, Vaughan, and the Greater Toronto Area. We will be here to provide you the best help with any of your taxes and accounting needs.

Our services include:

Accounting: Auditing, Bookkeeping, Business Registration, Financial Statement Preparation, Payroll, and Review of Engagements. Give us your numbers and we’ll take good care of your business.

Taxation: Taxation is looked over by CRA or Canada Revenue Agency, Save the hassle of filing your taxes and let us handle it for you.

Best Tax Accountant Toronto

Corporate taxation: Corporate income and other levies are paid by corporations to the government of Canada. Our team of professional tax accountants has the experience & knowledge to meet all your corporate taxation needs.

Bookkeeping: Bookkeeping of a business is the recording of financial transactions including purchases, sales, receipts, and payments by an individual or organization. Bookkeeping is just a function of the accounting process. Our professional tax specialist in Toronto creates reports from the recorded transactions of the bookkeeper.

Business consulting: RC Financial Group offers free business consultation (worth $500) to all of our clients. We are currently welcoming other businesses to partner with us. We’ll look at your numbers to foresee any challenges that’ll hinder or slow down the growth of your business.

Foreign affairs: RC Financial Group engages in real estate acquisition/development. We have taken a keen interest in acquiring small to mid-sized businesses around the globe. With strong ties in Asia and in the Middle East, we have created a forte in these parts of the world.

Let us help take a big chunk of the load off of you, so you can focus on what you do best, get yourself one of the best Accountants in Toronto to help you. Contact us today at 855.910.7234 to book a free consultation with one of our professional Accountants.

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