Tax Services, Corporate, Personal Tax in Toronto

RC Financial Group specializes in providing Accounting and Accounting related services along with Advisory services. Our portfolio of clients has access to a competent professional from the Financial Industry, Law and IT professionals. Our team has identified Key Success Factors for businesses across industries across the globe and focus on managing to build and growing the business and portfolios for our clientele. Our hands-on approach and out of the box thinking strategies grouped with patented technologies have enabled us to help our clients maximize their earnings and growth potential. Our professionals are quick to identify a company’s core competencies along with examining their operational inefficiencies to quickly align a company’s operations with its mission and vision mandates. Our 3 Tier identification system examines and classifies business in terms of where it stands in the business growth cycle. Our accountants understand the needs of businesses as different phases of the business cycle present opportunity and comes with its challenges. RC Financial Group is quick to mitigate the business risks while we use a combination of personal and technology in conjunction with each other to focus on building robust business models for businesses who are either start-ups or helping restructure some if not many aspects of other businesses who are in a mature phase of the business cycle to maximize their true earning potential. Our Accountants often measure a company’s market share by examining their competition and understanding cost points, value chain, etc to help our clients get ahead of their competitors. We realize the importance of business consulting and the effective management of businesses.

RC Financial Group Advisory division has devised a scaling program for businesses. Our patented technology uses advanced algorithms to measure traffic, create effective marketing campaigns, increase brand awareness while maximizing  company’s return on investment.