We at RC Financial Group understand the time value of money and realize that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. Through Careful examination of your individual and business goals. We try to set up financial plans that help you minimize taxes and refer you to our investment advisors that help guide you towards potential investment instruments that would maximize your true earning potential.


Meet our Financial Advisors:


Hassan Raauof

Hassan Raauof is a member of the RC Financial Group team.  Mr. Raauof  is a credible Financial Advisor that guides his clients through the process of making the best financial/ investment decisions. His dedication to his craft and clientele  keep him actively seeking new investment opportunities while continuously being aware of short- term and long- term financial goals.  He has successfully completed his Canadian Securities and is fully licensed to advise and distribute various  securities  such as stocks and bonds under the regulation of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC). Furthermore his Knowledge and experience will be completely utilized in strategically aligning your investments with your financial objectives to reach their maximum rate of return. He illustrates a great amount of charisma and due diligence  to his expertise, that grant him the opportunity to be analytical yet innovative  in his approach. He maintains his fiduciary obligation to his clients ensuring he not only meets but exceeds any standards and expectations.


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