Accounting, Payroll, Tax Services in Toronto

Our professional chartered accountants of Toronto and the Greater Toronto area can assist you in providing the following business registration services:


  • NUANS report (Searching Business Names)
  • Business registration in either or both Federal and Ontario.
  • Professional Incorporation Registrations
  • Applying for business number
  • Applying for Master Business License
  • Applying for HST,  Payroll, Import & export and Corporation tax accounts
  • choose fiscal year end
  • Register WSIB account
  • Business Alteration(s) (Name, address, shareholders, asset transfers and business resolutions etc)


What is a NUANS report?

NUANS or Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search is a computer based search system that compares your proposed corporate name or trademark with other corporate names and trademarks already in existence. This comparison determines similarity between your desired corporate name or trademark and to existing names and trademarks. It then produces a list with this information.

All Named Company Corporations in Ontario must have a completed and valid NUANS search report within the last 90 days.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations are a legal entity that is separate from its members and director and is formed to further the goals of the corporation rather than to pay dividends to its membership. Non-profit corporations must apply for charitable status to benefit from tax-exempt status and to issue tax deductible receipts to donors.
Examples of non-profits include:

  • church
  • church association
  • school
  • charity
  • medical provider
  • activity clubs
  • volunteer services organization
  • professional association
  • research institute
  • museum
  • sports association

There are two types of Canadian incorporation.

  • Provincial Incorporation – Business name protection within your province (Ontario)
  • Federal Incorporation – Business name protection across Canada


Sole Proprietorship or Partnership Registration

With this type of business organization, you or you and your partner would be fully responsible for all debts and obligations related to your business and all profits would be yours alone to keep. As a sole owner of the business, a creditor can make a claim against your personal or business assets to pay off any debt.


Master Business License

A master business license is required if you are running your business in Ontario and are not operating the business under your legal name with no additions.

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