Getting audited by the Canada Revenue Agency

CRA in Toronto is responsible for personal taxes, corporate taxes, HST returns ensuring taxes are collected by the Canadian citizens in a timely manner before their due date of April 31 of each year.   Corporate taxes are due by June 30th with corporate tax year-end Dec 31st. RC Financial Group Toronto Accountants specializes in dealing with Canada Revenue Agency or CRA tax issues for our clients.

Our professional accountants in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area specialize in helping clients deal with CRA letters, HST audits, personal tax audits, preassessment audits, corporate tax audits. Major concerns for Canadian citizens are Canada tax audits which could trigger thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in bad tax or past tax owing to the government.

Canada Revenue Agency

How to handle with Canada Revenue Agency

Our team at RC Financial Group specializes in helping clients deal with all kinds of audits. Resolving Canada Revenue Agency tax liens, asset freezes, bank account seizure, bank account closures, property, and other asset seizures. Our Toronto tax accountant team specializes in helping resolve all kinds of complicated audits and taxes owing to the government. When being audited by the CRA little time should be wasted and its highly recommended not to handle one own audit which generally results in negative outcomes.

Our staff at RC Financial Group is always here to help, our team of qualified professionals is always ready to handle tough and very complicated situations to better assist our clients in handling delicate CRA tax audit issues. CRA Canada Revenue agency tax audits, payroll audit in Toronto, Canada Revenue Agency tax audit CRA tax representation services offered by our team ensures guaranteed results for our clients.

CRA Personal tax audit is very common and could be triggered by any reason. If a business is being audited by the CRA Canada Revenue Agency one must contact a member of a team immediately to discuss options and a game plan free of charge.

CRA letters are mailed to clients across Canada daily. It is very important to receive client consent so that our team of licensed accountants can maintain contact and speak to the CRA on behalf of all our clients and engage in the timely resolution of the audit. Don’t hire an unlicensed accountant that often results in tax audits, audit complication and risk of losing one’s hard-earned assets which have been accumulated over the years.

A Toronto tax accountant is always available and we take over all headaches and responsibilities from your shoulder to effectively combat the audit. Tax audits in Toronto, tax audits in Mississauga, tax audits in Vaughan, tax audits in Kleinburg, tax audits in Brampton, tax audits in Ontario, tax audits in North York, tax audits in Canada are a very stressful problem that could result in sleepless nights, depression, anxiety, and other health issues to go along with hundreds of thousands of dollars that could be at stake which could really cost one in a hefty way.

This is why our team is here to help

It is estimated that one out of every 5 Canadian does not have an accountant. It is an accountant’s job to advise their clients on how to effectively operate business manage finances and mitigate any chances of one being audited. However, if one is audited for any or any number of reasons that great accounting help near me care should be taken into perspective to ensure favorable results. There are even different types of income tax software programs that are available online, but it makes more sense to get the services of experts.

Corporate Canada Tax Audits

CRA randomly conducts pre-assessment reviews of taxpayers each year to ensure the full integrity of a taxpayer’s tax return (T1 General) or (T2 General). Planning and advice go hand in hand along with experts work on every case received by our offices. RC Financial Group’s senior portfolio managers work with clients on a day to day basis to ensure all required and supporting documentation by the Canada Revenue agency is made available to the CRA for their review.

CRA tax audit help ensures the audit is completed successfully and after the audit is completed an assessment is mailed out to the client in the following weeks to reflect the results of the audit.

CRA Reviews in Canada are a big concern to the taxpayer because of improper filing, late filings, or non-filings could be a major issue in CRA auditing clients to ensure information is retrieved in a timely and accurate manner. Contact our professional team at RC Financial Group today to set up a consultation and to discuss options.