RC Financial Group engages in real estate acquisition/ development and takes keen interest towards acquiring small to mid sized businesses around the globe.  With strong ties in Asia and the Middle East we have created a forte in these regions of the world. Our clients benefit from this expansive thinking and we highly value each and every one of our clients whether local or international. We cross pollinate different ideas and connect our clientele with each other in hope that their businesses would greatly benefit from our ideology.

We also offer our financial services in different regions of the world and help our clients capitalize on real estate investment, business developments, and financial instruments in hope to grow their portfolio on an international level. The same is done in vice versa from Asia and the Middle East as we are connecting our respective trade partners in hope that everyone benefits.



There are exceptional opportunities not only on Canadian soil but globally as well. At RC Financial Group we strongly believe that we should not limit ourselves to any potential investments and that remains consistent with opportunities globally as well. Our clients that possess excess capital are always looking for innovative ways to invest internationally for various purposes including but not limited to:

  • Expanding current  domestic business operations globally
  • Acquiring investment real estate abroad
  • Acquiring shares of international business overseas
  • Participating in an equity joint ventures with other investors or enterprises
  • Through a merger or an acquisition of an unrelated enterprise

These listed options are all potential outlets that our clients have embarked on with our strong recommendations. With the current trend toward globalization whereby small and large, including multinational firms often have investments in a great variety of countries. We see foreign investment in a country as a positive sign and as a source for future economic growth, that ourselves and clients alike should be beneficiaries of.


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