RC Financial Group Inc accountants are licensed and well versed in (ASPE) Accounting standards for Private Enterprise(s) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). Thorough knowledge and in-depth experience are required for an accountant to be classified as the best Toronto accountant.

Our team of licensed accountants and other staff members maintain sound knowledge. RC Financial Group has over 20 years of experience serving clients in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area such as Vaughan, Woodbridge, Kleinburg, Brampton, North York, Mississauga, Markham, and Scarborough.

The best accountant in Toronto possesses vast knowledge in the field of accounting, finance, and taxation. This enables the consultant to offer valuable advice and consultation to their clients no matter how complex the CRA issue is.

RC Financial Group aims to best assist clients in designing and devising elegant accounting and tax strategies. The best accountant in Toronto is ready to best serve your accounting, taxation, and consulting needs.

Toronto Accountant

How Can RC Financial Group Help You?

Canada Revenue Services

Toronto Tax accountants at RC Financial Group Inc provide CRA audit representation. They are helpful if the individual or corporation is owing money to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or has received a call or a letter.

The Toronto Tax accountants address the CRA audit by obtaining client consent relieving the client of any headaches, by taking complete charge of the CRA tax audit. Tax accountants in Toronto at RC Financial Group Inc strongly encourage prospective clients not to take on the CRA Tax audit themselves. It requires great care and attention to detail when approaching a CRA tax audit. Toronto tax accountants specialize in resolving the CRA tax audit swiftly.

Some forms of CRA tax audits that result in the CRA audit letters to Canadians include non-compliance, improper tax filings, inventory audits, payroll audits, corporate tax audit, personal tax audits.

Corporate taxes and HST taxes are areas of concern for clients who seek Toronto’s best accounting firm. Our team looks at the structure and the chart of accounts for business(es). The team then examines tax-saving strategies to better take advantage of low corporate tax rates instead of individual (personal) tax brackets.

Toronto tax accountants specialize in all forms of audits. Audits that result by other accounting firms and other accountants are usually the result of neglect of non-filings and improper filings. Toronto tax accountants at RC Financial Group Inc specializes in correcting improper tax filings or audits that result in errors due to improper tax filings. It is essential to hire licensed Toronto tax accountants that specialize in all forms of tax filings.

Our qualified professional Toronto Accountant(s) obtain Canada Revenue Agency authorization form to assign ourselves (Accountants in Toronto) as the legal representative of our clients.

Canadians must understand that personal tax brackets start at 38 percent and go as high as 51 percent. Toronto Accountant at RC Financial Group devises effective tax-saving strategies customized for each client at RC Financial Group Inc.

After careful analysis of an individualized past tax return or after a client meeting, Toronto accountants design effective personal and corporate tax structures and strategies for our clients at RC Financial Group Inc. to reduce the taxes by taking our clients into a lower tax bracket or by properly expensing costs against income.

One effective strategy used by Toronto Accountant is to use the benefit of a low tax rate of a corporation (CCPC – Canadian Controlled Private Corporation) to lower an individual’s personal tax liability where applicable. A financial structure revolving around a corporation could effectively reduce tax liability by up to 13-15 percent.

Accounting and Finance Services

RC Financial Group is regarded by its clients as one of Toronto’s best accounting firms. We offer a range of services for individuals and businesses in all aspects of accounting.

Our experienced team of accountants design strategies before offering customized accounting and taxation services to meet your needs and the needs of your business and any other accounts or finance-related issues or advanced strategic planning.

Professional accounting advice is essential for your business. It helps self-employed individuals, small businesses, and investors assess if their companies are performing well. They may then be advised on how they can make more money and achieve their goals.

E-Filing and Communication

Toronto Tax accountants offer E-filing services for personal tax, corporate tax, and filings of other forms. Currently, our team of accountants utilizes technology at the highest level. It offers clients the option of handling all accounting work virtually.

The virtual accounting work is completed by obtaining client records and books electronically through our server. The result is usually achieved by the agreed-upon timelines. Consents are sent to the client to sign and send back, and all work is submitted electronically.

Saving our clients’ money on taxes, potentially getting huge tax refunds without the hassle of coming in bringing physical records (if there is no need to). Make the entire process fast, secure and allowing Canadians to focus more on their operations.

Toronto Accountants also file forms such as T4 statements, T4 summary, T5, and other such documents electronically on behalf of our clients. Toronto Accountants offer E-filing services for records, personal (T1 General), and corporate taxes (T2 General).

Online accounting and tax filing services are also available at RC Financial Group Inc. Distances in this day in age do not matter. Toronto accountants regularly conduct zoom calls with clients and prospective clients. This ensures that all clients, whether in person or virtual meetings, obtain the same style of high-quality service.

Why Choose RC Financial Group as your Toronto Accountant?

Our accountants are well-trained and equipped to collect all data in a secure form and offer the same high-quality services to all clients nationally and internationally.

Tax advising and consultation are an integral part of all accounting and tax work completed by Toronto accountants. It helps budget, plan, and present the tax liabilities of the clients.

The accountants in Toronto working for RC Financial Group Inc. use progressive accounting measures to understand the client’s needs. Thus, better-customized accounting models could be created to maximize our client’s financial wellbeing.

Best accountant in Toronto offers US tax filing services for personal, business (corporate), and sole proprietorship. S-Corporation, C-Corporation, 1099 form, W8-Ben form, obtaining ITIN number (tax identification number), corporation registration services for US entities are also some services provided at RC Financial Group Inc.

Often Canadian conduct business on both sides of the border (cross-border taxation). At RC Financial Group, it is convenient for our clients to file taxes on both sides of the border US and Canada. This allows clients to take advantage of foreign tax credits.

Our accounting model offered by Toronto tax accountants at RC Financial Group Inc allows us to provide unbiased financial advice to Canadians. This enables them to operate their business efficiently and save them significant money on their taxes.

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