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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Venice Medical Centre


Venice Medical and Walk-In Clinic is located in Woodbridge, Ontario. This medical centre provides acute care to patients in the form of medical walk-in, medical imaging and diagnostics, integrated Laboratory and Pharmacy,  chiropractic and physiotherapy services.

Venice Medical is home to family physicians, gynaecologists, chiropractors, registered nurses, pharmacists to name a few.

RC Financial Group completed this project on behalf of Venice Medical and Walk-in Centre. We arranged for their financing, the facility was constructed by our general contractors. We currently provide them with accounting and taxation services.

John: “We are proud of the RC Financial Group’s team for completing this project on time and exceeding our expectations”

Whether it is a small scaled project or us providing our clients with ongoing  services such as bookkeeping, taxation matters or simply business consulting. We would be delighted to partner up with you!


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Vellore Medical Centre


Vellore Medical Centre is located in Vaughan, Ontario. It is a state of the art facility which is home to family physicians, cardiologist, medical lab and diagnostics,pharmacists, extended health care works and various other medical practitioners.

This 5000 square feet facility is operating as an urgent care centre which provides acute medical care and provides minor surgical treatments on its facility.

Lead by the supervision of Dr Adnan Siddiqui, Vellore Medical Clinic have teamed up with RC Financial Group for their accounting, taxation and assurance needs.


We at RC Financial Group helped him and his team develop a business model that has allowed him to become an independent business owner serving the community. We provide his local business with accounting, taxation and other financial services to ensure his business succeeds financially.

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